P&R Crew


Chef Allie Lyttle, Executive Chef,  Parks & Rec Diner 

Chef Allie has worked in the industry for over 11 years. She is fueled by all things food, seasonality, locality and community centered. Allie spends most of her days in the diner with a staff she adores creating food that gently pushes traditional eaters towards new and enticing flavors. When she's not celebrating all things diner, she's usually volunteering or spending time with her two long haired dachshunds, Nathan and Vienna. 

Chef Kristin Wagle, Sous Chef,  Parks & Rec Diner

Chef Wags has been an advocate for local agriculture and creative interpretations on traditional culinary techniques for over ten years.  While working for Zingerman's Roadhouse she also managed the small non-profit Westside Farmers' Market. She is dedicated to building community health and well-being, and is excited by the opportunities throughout the intensely creative city of Detroit.  When not in the kitchen you'll find Kristin gardening, reading, biking, and exploring Detroit.  



Sara Ouellette, Front of the House Manager, Parks & Rec Diner 

Sara has a passion for customer service. She has ten years experience in her field. The last two and a half years have been all about brunch. After moving to Michigan she fell in love with Detroit right away. When she isn't managing our front of the house, she can be found wandering in the city with her husband, Rick, or at home gardening with her dogs, Moose and Maddie.