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We are a cozy, 34 seat, sit-down diner focusing on breakfast. We specialize in old-school favorites, super-solid classics and surprising innovations brought back to life with interesting twists.  We also do great boozy drinks anytime of day.

Located in the Grand Army of the Republic Building, Parks & Rec Diner is our homage to the hey-day of the building’s 40 years as a City of Detroit Parks and Recreation Department. 

We are dedicated to creating a cozy breakfast experience the way we think it should be - fantastic fare in a relaxed, fun enviornment. We proudly source from local farms, make (almost!) everything in house, use the highest quality products available to us, and ensure that your meal is prepared with love every step of the way. Sometimes those high standards cost more to achieve. Know that each of your hard earned pennies goes to creating better wages for our staff and enhancing the local food chain. In turn, we promise to provide you a quality meal nurtured all the way from the field to your table. You need to get in here! 


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